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Hogwarts: NG RPG
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This Harry Potter RP will take place three years after Harry's final year. None of the original characters of Harry Potter, save for the remaining teachers will be available for play. Our goal is to create characters and continue Hogwarts with a new set of 7th Year students. All the events of the books stand, with a few interpreted outcomes for our purposes:

  • Harry defeated Voldemort with the help of Severus Snape. As the Prophecy stated, in order for Voldemort to die, Harry had to die also.

  • All the important characters from the books except the ones mentioned as needed here, have moved on with their lives and will play no part in this RP.

  • The past three years have allowed the Ministry and Hogwarts, as well as the wizarding world to rebuild itself and once again become annonymous to the Muggle world.

  • Students will be regulated to five classes each. This way all four houses can be in each class together.

    The RP itself will be played out on Livejournal. Most all of the plot twists and character interactions will be up to the players, with the exception of the following. The Mod(s) will decide these:

  • The RP will be played in days. The Mod(s) will make a notice to the community stating what day it is for your post purposes. The Mod(s) will also decide when the day has ended.

  • Each day will have a set of random events that have to have happened and must be noticed by the characters. These will also be posted with what day it is.

  • Any evil events, 'bad guys', or RP altering plot twists that affect the entire cast will be gradually inserted by the Mod(s). This way the writers will have to make their characters react as if we were playing in real-time.

    For now the school year will start out as it always does and as far as the characters know, the world is hunky-dorry. The main goal to begin with is to introduce your characters and begin to let them know one another. Once general relationships have been established and classes have begun, we'll get to begin concerning ourselves with the plot that will effect the entire community. This again will be introduced gradually by the Mod(s).


    1. Carry out all character interactions and writing on the community Livejournal hogwarts_ng. You can use e-mail and chatting to come up with plot ideas with other writers, or to have character interaction that you can post to the community itself. No group meetings or anything will take place on a chat program or through e-mail, however.

    2. Please do not write for another person's character. You only write as your character and then give the other writer a chance to respond.

    3. Use one main community entry as the starting point for interaction. All replies should be done to this entry, and only a new entry started for one that is getting too long.

  • Example: Main entry has Snape walking down the hall. Any replies to this would be done by replying to the post itself.

    4. If any out of game posts are necessary, please mark the entry to the community as 'OOG'.

    5. Please use proper grammar and spell check your entries. Mistakes are going to happen by all of us, but netspeak in your posts, entries not spell checked, and entries not checked over for grammar aren't going to be appreciated.

    6. Please follow all of the directions given for applying. If it's obvious these directions weren't followed, your application will be rejected.

    7. Posting must be done once a week. If a character suddenly becomes inactive for longer than a week without a viable reason, that character will be removed from the RP.

    8. It goes without saying that Mary Sues, power characters, Gary Stus, and anything the Mod(s) deem as an inappropriate character will be rejected. You then have the option to revise the character or apply with another.

    9. Only four characters are allowed. Three students, one professor or three students (if all professors are taken). There will never be four students allowed per person. This is the 7th year, so the age of all students is to be 17.

    10. Do not start writing for your character until the Mod(s) give the go-ahead.

    11. You must be 16 years or older to play. This is a rated R list.

    12. If these rules are not followed, you will be warned once and then banned from the RP.

    13. NOTE: If all the houses are filled, but you would still like to join, just let us know and we'll up the house sizes by at least two more students (1 boy and 1 girl).

    ~~Application Process~~

    1. Fill out the application posted below.
    2. Completely fill out each portion of the application or you will be rejected.
    3. Reply to the first entry of the community with your application. Entry here: 1st entry.
    4. Mod(s) will get back to you as soon as possible. Be patient.
    5. If you are approved, please make a Livejournal for each character and reply to your approved application with the character journal.
    6. Also, please join the OOC list, ng_ooc for communication outside the RP.


    Please fill out the following completely:

    Player Info


    Character Info



    Family: (if important; IE a brother or sister is in a lower grade)
    Pet: (toad, owl, rat, cat only)

    Occupation: (student or teacher)

    Brief Personality:

    Brief History:

    Classes: (Each student can only have a total of five NEWTs. These five will determine the five classes they are in.)

    Anything else: (Anything you want to note that doesn't seem to fit elsewhere in the application)



    (Please note: All professors may either be made up, or filled with characters that had the positions in the book. With the exception of CoMC.)

    Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall; [stern_witch] (NPC'd by Mods)
    Deputy Headmaster/Potions Master: Severus Snape; [sevvy_poo]
    Charms: Ademaro Anselm; [ademaro_anselm]
    Divination: River Matthews; [river_oracle]
    Herbology: Elizabeth Robles; [eliza_robles]
    History of Magic/Head of Ravenclaw: Adara Flint; [adara_flint]
    Transfiguration: Delenna Wolfram; [transfigwolf]
    Astronomy: Estralita Samson; [estralitasamson]
    Defense Against the Dark Arts: Phelan Llewelyn; [phelan_llewelyn]
    Muggle Studies: Rosie McClellan; [rosie_mcclellan]
    Arithmancy: NEEDED
    Ancient Runes: NEEDED
    Care of Magical Creatures: Hagrid NEEDED

    School Staff

    Caretaker: Filch (NPC'd by everyone)
    Librarian: NPC'd by everyone
    School Nurse: Madam Pomfrey (NPC'd by everyone)


    (Note: There are six students allowed per house. Three boy and three girl. You are only allowed one student per house.)


    1. Clair Smith; [clair_smith]
    2. girl
    3. girl
    4. Harper Giselbert; [harpergiselbert]
    5. Desiderio Constantino Valiente; [cody_valiente]
    6. boy


    1. Emelia Yamada; [emeliayamada]
    2. girl
    3. girl
    4. boy
    5. Ogawa Hayabusa; [ogawa_hayabusa]
    6. Parsley Colliander; [colliander]


    1. girl
    2. Annabelle Alexandra Denault; [anna_denault]
    3. girl
    4. Clifford Hampton; [cliff_hampton]
    5. boy
    6. Charles Aidan Blanc; [noble_chaz]


    1. girl
    2. Vale D'Ambroisine; [_noblesseoblige]
    3. Elizabeth "Betty" Romero; [betty_the_betty]
    4. Shiris Anselm; [shiris_anselm]
    5. Caleb Mendez; [caleb_mendez]
    6. Yuri Kotov; [yuri_kotov]

    ~~Character Journals~~

    Please feel free to use your character's personal journals as follows:

  • to store your profile
  • for personal character entries
  • to share pictures of your characters
  • to share Harry Potter links
  • to share stories you've written for Harry Potter
  • to share stories you've written for your character outside the RP
  • to share new developments on your character
  • to share chats with other writers where your characters interacted
  • to share theories, thoughts, etc. you have on Harry Potter

    ~~Mod Contact Info~~


  • queenofhearts
  • Email: gothronicus@yahoo.com
  • AIM: InoFan
  • YM: gothronicus


  • sisyphean
  • Email: pootslug@yahoo.com
  • AIM: no good mod
  • MSN: paopu_hearts@hotmail.com