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Posted by betty_the_betty on 2005.12.08 at 06:59
Current Mood: awakeawake
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Time: 3:45 AM
Day: Wednesday, September 3rd (Day Three) (I'm just going to assume we're still on day 3)
Place: Seventh year Slytherin girls' dorms
Tag: Eh, anyone who sleeps in the dorms?


Left side, turn, right side, turn, back, turn, stomach, turn...


This was ridiculous. With an annoyed huff, she kicked off her covers, and shuffled tiredly to the water trough, pouring herself a goblet. She sat down by the window.





Betty Romero was an insomniac  -  had been so as far back as she could remember. The insomnia usually reared its ugly head for a couple of weeks, about every other month.


The worst part of insomnia was that it was boring. Just so bloody boring! At home, she could at least get up and walk around the house, perhaps get something to eat or drink, but at Hogwarts, she couldn’t just take to wandering about in the night.


Nothing to do but just lie there and listen to the other girls’ breathing and snoring, and whatever other noises they made in their sleep.


And think.


Right now, her mind was on Pablo, the eighteen-year-old tourist that she had rivaled Maggie for out of pure spite (Spite and, she had to admit, his shirtless upper body) – and won! Won fifteen minutes in a wardrobe with him – that had been fairly amusing... All right, highly amusing.





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