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Posted by estralitasamson on 2005.11.23 at 13:37
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Place: Astronomy Tower
Time: 10:03 a.m.
Tag: Anyone in Astronomy class

"¿Estamos listos?" said Estralita as she walked into her classroom. It wasn't a big class, but it would have to do. "Today," she began, "As I'm sure many of your other teachers have done, we are going to have a pop quiz." Several of the students groaned as she set her lesson plan down on her desk. She smiled. "Now, no se preocupe, I'm testing you all on stuff you've already learned. Just making sure that everyone who's in this class needs to be in it. Now take out a piece of parchment."

She turned to the chalk-bored and waved her wand once, and as she did so, letters appeared, several at a time, until the students could finally see their quiz:

1.) How are stars born?

2.) Name three "main sequence" stars.

3.) Name three red giants.

4.) In the final stages of their lives, stars with masses above 5 solar masses (at birth) proceed to fuse increasingly heavier elements until they have exhausted all possible fusion sources. When fusion ceases, gravity drives the core to implode, resulting in a titanic supernova explosion. What two possible options could the supernova create?

5.) What are open clusters?

6.) What are globular clusters?

All in all, it was a very short quiz, and as there were no charts on this one, it ought to be very easy, Estralita told herself. Of course, Estralita had grown up studying stars; both of her parents had been astronomers, though one was a Muggle and was was a witch. Not to know this sort of stuff was just unheard of in her family.

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