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September 3rd/Day Three, afternoon

Posted by river_oracle on 2005.11.12 at 22:55
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Time: Afternoonish
Day: Wednesday, September 3rd (Day Three)
Place: From River's office to the owlry
Tag: Anyone at the owlry or en route to it

Hey Riv,

Long time no write. How's teaching Divination going? Predict yourself having a nervous breakdown yet, oh great Seer? I certainly would if I was surrounded by kids constantly. Jasper told me you were made the Head of Hufflepuff this year, so I guess that's even more fun added to your plate. Probably a good thing that you were always the easygoing one. I bet your brother's glad he's not in Hufflepuff now! That must be weird, teaching while he's still a student. Not so young anymore, are we?

I've legally changed my name now, so no more Hubert. I'm legally my old stage name now. Mum is horrified, dad seems torn between being embarrassed and thinking it's brilliant, and Daphne loves it. My sister's also torn - she liked my stage name, but she says it's silly to use it when I'm not in a band anymore and I'm still trying to pass my last Auror exams. I won't even get into how much of a pain in the arse those nasty things are, but I will say this - I'm laughing at how I used to think NEWTs were the worst test a wizard could ever take.

Send me a letter back soon, mate. I'd hate to have to swoop in and rescue you from mountains of paperwork on your desk. Yours truly,


River smiled fondly at the letter from his old bandmate. While Dragon had been the one that had initially argued vehemently against the band breaking up, and had called his former bandmates stupid and a "waste of talent" because they didn't want the reason for the band's fame to be River's recently discovered Seeing talent, eventually they'd been able to patch things up and become friends again. Withdrawing a quill from his desk, he composed a reply.

Dear Dragon,

Small wonder your mum's horrified. Nobody's mum wants to envision her ickle baby boy as something giant, scaly and firebreathing! Of course you realize, this means I'm going to have to call you Hubert constantly now. Can't let anyone thinking you're too cool, after all. Good luck with your Auror exams. no need to tell me how awful they are - I've spoken to enough Aurors that I'm thoroughly convinced your life is more stressful than mine.

Mostly, the kids are fairly well behaved in my class. I'm trying to teach my NEWT students how to adapt Divination into practical real life applications, because the subject gets a bad reputation in that way, and I don't want it to seem like only a Seer could ever have a career with it. Even being Head of Hufflepuff isn't too bad. It's the other houses one has to worry about. The only stressful thing is the Ball. They're throwing one for Halloween this year, and they're encouraging Professors to bring a date as well as the students. Who knew Headmistress McGonagall had such a sick sense of humour? Though, there's a few female professors who are only a few years older than me, thank Merlin.

Best get back to real work now, but let's meet up at the Three Broomsticks soon.


With the letter complete, River folded it neatly into an envelope, sealing it with wax. He didn't own an owl of his own - his own preferred pet was his dear little rat Petal. However, he did occasionally have to send personal owls out, or more frequently out to parents of students. For that, the Hogwarts owlry was most beneficial. You had to share with others, but it only cost some proper owl food. It saved money, though that wasn't so much of an issue for River these days. His lodgings and food were a part of teaching at Hogwarts, and his salary more than covered what he needed it to.

Departing from his office, he set out towards the owlry to get his letter delivered.


colliander at 2005-11-13 17:50 (UTC) (Link)
Colliander had to send some mail to home because of the DADA-club. He was rather certain his mother would allow the club, knowing that Parsley would be most insulted if his past-time activities would get overruled because of over-protective behavior from his parents. On the other hand, Elsebeth might turn out rather suspicious, and not allow it.
In any case, he send the parchment home accompanied with a personal letter to his parents.

Ciro seemed rather cheerful to see his owner. Parsley called for it, and fed him owl treats and stroked his forehead before he bind the letter to the leg of his large, smoke-grey owl.

"Godspeed," he wished to his bird, as Ciro rose to the ceiling and found his way outside the castle with his new message.

He was probably on his way out, before he saw that he was accompanied in the owlery.
"Good day, sir," he nodded politely to the Professor when he passed him - Professor which he didn't know personally too well (given that Colliander had never found Divination too fascinating, or himself gifted enough in it to study it).
He probably had nothing else to say. The gloomy, pale and tall boy with Ravenclaw-uniform and Prefect-pin in his chest seemed to have a permanently slacking posture, and he had enclosed expression of classical introvert in his face. He seemed mostly indifferent and distant, while minding his own business.
caleb_mendez at 2005-11-16 03:49 (UTC) (Link)
Cale had the rather unfortunate luck of running into both Professor Matthews and Parsley Colliander on the stairs up to the owlery...almost literally. He'd been chasing Trent Marcus, a sixth year Slytherin boy and a good friend of his, who was currently getting in a good bit of teasing at his predicament. Trent currently had a wizard photograph he'd surprised Cale in the shower and taken. Cale hadn't seen the camera since the flash didn't go off, and only when Trent had whipped the photo out at lunch and cackled had Cale realised he had it. It was an 8x10 glossy, and Cale had chased Trent all the way up here from the Great Hall when he cheerfully announced he was going to mail copies to everybody they knew.

Trent was a little smaller and a lot skinnier, and he slipped past Matthews and Colliander easily. Cale didn't have such great luck, slamming into both of them and ending up with them all in a heap on the floor.

Cale pushed himself up and realised with embarassment that he'd just pummeled a professor and a peer into the owlery floor. Then, belatedly, he realised that the motion had caused the skirt he'd acquired as part of the female uniform to come up high enough to show that he was wearing green panties with a Slytherin crest.

Sure they were ridiculous, but at least they fit.

He let out an embarassed little squeak and yanked his skirt down, realising with horror that Trent was laughing his ass off and taking more pictures.

"Pervert!" he shrieked, hauling himself off of the two surprised males and giving chase. Unfortunately, Trent reached his owl Olivia and managed to hand both the camera and photo off to her before bolting back downstairs, leaping over Matthews and Colliander as he went.

colliander at 2005-11-16 13:55 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, there was a Professor present, but Parsley was a prefect, and he should act accordingly, and not wait someone else with higher rank to do something first. This behavior was not suitable to Hogwarts, and not especially (one might think, at least!) to Slytherins.

"Hoy! Stop that in this instant. This is not proper behavi---" and because it really didn't result to that action what Parsley was really hoping for, rather opposite to it, he really... had no choice but to take his wand and stop him with force.

"Incarcerous!" he yelled with an accurate wave by his wand, and then hurried to take a hold of Trent, who was about to fall after losing his balance because of the robes that appeared from thin air, and bind his legs and hands.

Well, stopping Trent was really easy, because he has just hurried again past the two, his back turned on to all of them three, and was probably planning to flee back downstairs. Parsley could always report to Professor Snape about the embarrassing behavior of the two Slytherins after the incident, but he had a feeling like it would be much nicer for all included too, if the situation could be settled without Snape getting to know about it. Of course, Professor who was present made things more difficult to keep between the students, but... Professor Matthews was young, and perhaps could understand...

Besides, Incarcerous was clever enough - it would not hurt him, but it would surely make easier to settle the affair between Slytherin boys there and then. Of course, Colliander didn't really know that much as to whether or not Trent -whose name he probably didn't know if it wasn't (in)famous to know- and Caleb were friends. He probably hadn't done what he did if he had knew that they were.

Parsley helped Trent to turn around in his heels to face Caleb, and explained with a rather dry voice what he thought should be done next. After turning around, he himself glanced River, as to see what he seemed to be thinking. It would help to decide whether or not he should start explaining or excusing himself. "Um. I r-really t-t-think you should give those photos to mr Mendez right now, and from now on, think more about your behavior before acting like this again." Ravenclaw-boy hated himself from stuttering in a moment like this. Gentle shade of pink rose in his pale cheeks, as if he was either excited, surprised, or somehow ashamed. He really looked, sound and seemed awkward in his current position. Parsley was probably anything but the hero, nor he wanted to be in the center of attention if it could be avoided. He had acted without thinking too much, and now when there was plenty of time to think, he felt himself stupid.

"You could be in her-- -errr, his shoes, too, you know. I think Caleb has to go trough trouble enough without you fooling around." he added with a low voice, thinking how easily he himself could be in Caleb's shoes (or bra.), and how horrible could that be.

river_oracle at 2005-12-09 21:04 (UTC) (Link)

Very, very late reply. @_@ Huzzah for school being finished.

River had heard about the already infamous DADA class that Professor Llewelyn had run the other day, and some of the side effects, although today was his first time seeing what actually happened.

"Mr. Mendez, I didn't recognize you," he said, trying to maintain a friendly and polite demeanor as he dusted himself off. It took a lot of force to knock him down, and ordinarily, he might have spoken to Caleb about running in the halls, but all things considered, he had a very good reason to be chasing down his friend.

"Mr. Marcus, I'll be confiscating your camera for the time being. If you want it back, I want an essay on two feet of parchment, listing all the many other things you plan on taking pictures of, rather than humiliating pictures of Mr. Mendez. If this happened to one of my good mates, I'd probably be laughing too, but really. Try to be a bit more of a good sport." He summoned the camera over to him with an accio spell, and tucked it in his robes. "I won't take off house points this time - just get the essay in to me soon."

He was probably going to have to explain this incident to Professor Snape - something he didn't terribly relish. Though River was an adult now, in fact, he was the Hufflepuff Head of House, he still remembered his days at Hogwarts, and being terrified of Snape. He knew that the potions master cared about the well being of the Hogwarts students, but he found his unfriendly demeanor hard to deal with. Therefore, he tried to act professional with the Slytherin Head of House, mainly...with the odd attempt at friendliness that seemed to go unappreciated.
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