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Defence Against the Dark Arts Club

Posted by phelan_llewelyn on 2005.10.23 at 23:47
Current Mood: coldcold
Time: 7:30 PM
Day: Tuesday, September 2nd (Day Two)
Place: Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom
Tag: Anybody, professors and students alike

Llewelyn sat at his desk in his classroom, eyes roaming boredly over a paper written by a second year student, nose wrinkling slightly as he tried not to groan outright at all the spelling and grammatical errors. He reached for his bottle of mineral water, earrings and bracelet tinkling sweetly in the silence as he moved and echoing ever so slightly in the high-ceilinged room. He wasn't wearing his volumnous robes or imposing accessories tonight, since he was technically off the clock. He preferred his extra-curricular activities be more relaxed than his classes, since there was no particular educational goal to be reached. With his hair pulled back and his black silk shirt and trousers instead of bold colored robes, he looked almost decievingly slender and harmless. Perhaps that would put some of the more nervous students at ease and let them actually learn something.

He crossed out a particularly badly worded sentence and delicately stifled a yawn. Across the desk a photograph of a petite young blonde tsked at him and giggled. Llewelyn scowled at the wedding photo, wondering why he bothered to keep it anymore. As if seeing the faces of students every day wasn't enough of a reminder...

How old was Lauralai when that picture was taken? He was more than ten years her senior, that he remembered. Fifteen... she'd been fifteen when they'd married, and he'd been twenty-six. Not that he was some kind of pervert or anything... he'd literally known the girl since she was born. It hadn't been any frivolous, thoughtless marriage, they'd been in love for at least a year before she was old enough to marry with her parents' consent. And they had consented happily... if the girl's parents had no problem with it, nobody else should.

Laura had been married at fifteen, given birth at sixteen, and died a mere two months after that. They should have had a long and happy life together, instead both her life and his happiness had been brutally cut short. Eight years later and he still had her picture smiling at him from atop his desk.

He watched the lovely face smile at him for a moment longer, then batted the frame from his desk with the back of his hand. It hit the floor and shattered loudly in the quiet, and a moment later a loud crack heralded the arrival of a house elf to clean up the mess.

"Just throw it away," he said flatly as the tiny creature offered him the photo it had rescued from the mess. He watched, devoid of any emotion, as the last remnant of Laura's existance was finally eradicated from his life. He wondered if he should feel some sort of closure now, something to tell him it was all right to move on. Her murderers were dead, her parents had long since forgiven him, every indication she had lived had been erased from his life. But he didn't feel any different than he had five minutes before.

Another crack signalled the house elf taking her leave, and Llewelyn put away the sheaf of report parchments. He put them in a drawer and pulled out a clipboard that held a small booklet and an order form. He'd already decided on which particular books he was going to use for the extra-curricular class, and each student who joined would recieve the parcel by owl at breakfast time within two days. If anybody joined, that was. He was well aware that he was hardly a popular teacher, and the difficulty of the level he chose to teach made it worse. He didn't teach fifth, sixth or seventh year level DADA... his students would probably be surprised to learn that they were on a University level in Defence Against the Dark Arts.

He put down the clipboard and opened his copy of Dark Ages Resurfacing: Advanced Defence Against Rarely Used Black Magics, his chosen text for the DADA club, and began to mark off passages of particular use while he waited for students to arrive.


colliander at 2005-10-24 15:33 (UTC) (Link)
Colliander had failed his Potions test that morning - well, his was technically a correct answer, but it showed his uncertainity, and that was most likely enough for Professor Snape to fail him. But, it was the first test, and Parsley had enough confidence for his skills to know that all in all, he probably would pass his NEWT classes with good grades.

Failure in knowledge didn't get him in good mood, though, and he felt somewhat tired after the second, hectic day. The last year would be draining, at best, and absolutely consuming in worst case.

Parsley had removed his tie after getting fed up with it - if something, then Colliander really wasn't the white-collar-folk, and he hated ties around his neck - and he had unbuttoned the collar shirt by few top buttons. Otherwise he was wearing school uniform, with sweater and trousers and robes. He hadn't had time to change it to something more comfortable - besides, club held by Professor Llewelyn didn't seem like an occasion he could pop in with jeans and t-shirts.

Parsley knocked the door first, and then walked in, carrying his old-fashioned school back with his left shoulder. "Good afternoon, sir," the slim, long-haired boy with slouching posture and somewhat calm, but impassive voice, said with formal nod, "am I too early?"
If Professor didn't indicate that he wished to be left alone for a longer while, Colliander shut the door behind him, feeling himself a little awkward and gloomy.

He chose a place where he could hear and see easily. He felt himself a bit more relaxed than in Llewelyns classes, just because it was off-hours - and even Professor didn't seem as official as he used to. He, too, joined in the quiet waiting of others to come.
noble_chaz at 2005-10-24 22:20 (UTC) (Link)

Breaking the Calm

Chaz was not a patient young man. Oh, he could pretend patience when it was required of him, he was too well bred not to, but a careful observer would see various muscle ticks and spasms rippling through his body -- now a finger, now the corner of his mouth, now his neck. Sometimes it was literally all he could do to keep from shaking, just to let out some of the stored up energy. Whenever he thought about it -- usually when his mind was racing around while he was forced to be quiet and seem calm -- he assumed that he'd calm down with age. The problem was, Chaz couldn't see himself living past thirty-five, so he assumed he'd never know what it was like to just relax. Maybe that was why he slept so hard. It really was a crime that they had classes so early in the morning that he didn't even have a chance to properly wake up.

His energy store, along with a bubbling excitement about the Defence Against the Dark Arts club had caused him to bolt from the dinner table as soon as he had finished inhaling a proper amount of food. He was pretty sure that he had run into someone on his way out, but he had hardly had time for a quick apology, let alone for noticing whom, exactly, he had almost wiped out.

A visit to his dorm room had his trunk completely torn apart and clothes strewn all across his area. He had reached the bottom before he finally found the casual slacks and silk shirt that he wanted. He had hopped around like a rabbit on Fizzing Whizzbees while changing and then scurried around throwing everything back into his trunk before grabbing up his wand and rushing to dear Lelly-Welly's classroom. When he first reached the door, however, he suddenly realised that he needed to make a visit to the watercloset, so he took off once more.

By the time he had finally made it back to the DADA room, it was actually a reasonable time to be showing up, so Chaz just let himself in saying a bit too loudly, "Good evening, Professor!" The sight that greeted him, however, made him stop in his tracks. "Why, Professor Llewelyn," he grinned, "you look almost normal."
phelan_llewelyn at 2005-10-25 22:24 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Breaking the Calm

"Normal," Llewelyn repeated softly, barely stopping himself from making an annoyed face.

There was just something about Blanc's very presence that irritated him. Were it any other student, Llewelyn might have actually admitted to being proud of him by now, but it wasn't any other student. It was Charles Blanc. If anything, Blanc reminded him far too much of Laurelei before her death...she'd been a hyperactive twit as well. But at least it had been cute when she did it.

"I really would hate to know what your idea of normal is, Charles."

noble_chaz at 2005-10-26 09:02 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Breaking the Calm

Chaz turned his grin on Parsley Colliander and gave him a little wink of greeting while responding, "By normal, of course I mean you look almost like a real wizard, Professor. A true human, one could say. Crossing the boundaries into the secular world, perhaps."

Chaz picked his way to the front and center of the class as he spoke, taking a seat where he could be at the center of the action. He couldn't help but notice that he and Parsley were the only ones there, thus far, and in a quieter, contemplative voice, he added on, "Maybe I should've remembered to collect Cody on my way here."
colliander at 2005-10-26 10:42 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Breaking the Calm

If Parsley hadn't been on DADA with Cody and Chaz for some years already, he would probably have been somewhat surprised that Professor would talk to a student in that manner - or that a student would be so arrogant to speak to a Professor with that tone. Parsley was very curious about why student-teacher-relationship had turned so casual, in it's own way, but didn't bother to find out too carefully. Probably it was something as obvious, as that both of them just irritated each other by sheer presence - it happened sometimes.

Ravenclaw prefect was drawing with muggle-pens when Chaz entered, already, and he had some idle sketches of the room in the paper.

Since Chaz picked a chair nearby where Parsley had taken a seat (Pars had done careful examination and silently produced protection charm before actually sitting down, just in case) to get a good view over the class, it was quite easy to say without raising his voice " Charles," with greeting tone, for him in return. He didn't even smile - even if there wasn't anything surprising in that.
Parsley didn't use nicknames, if it was possible to know what the person was actually named. He quite rarely called even his best friend by shortened name 'Cliff'.

"Are we the only ones to come, or shall we wait more?" he asked from Professor, closing the sketch-book and straightening his back. He had a piece of parchment on the table, next to a quill and an ink-bottle, and wand close at hand when/if needed.

Colliander didn't seem to know how to relax, either, but he also had empty spot in the place where others put their sense of humor. Or, if it was there, he didn't use it too often.
He was miles away, eyes focused on some blank spot in distance. He pulled some hair behind his ears and tried to think positive. Perhaps others than Chaz would come, so that the situation wouldn't be so... strange.
anna_denault at 2005-11-02 01:48 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Breaking the Calm

Annabelle opened the door to the classroom, seeing only three people in there already. She cursed to herself for being late, which she tried to avoid when she was actually planning to do something. She sat down on the second seat from the front by the windows and looked around.

"Sorry I'm late." Colliander and Blanc were the only other ones there, aside from Llewelyn himself. She could tell they hadn't gotten started yet, so she leaned her face against her hand and waited for something to happen. Not that Anna was impatient, but she didn't see the point in waiting around for nothing to happen. Of course, she also didn't see the point in rules against hexing people who deserved it, but, as she had been told many a time, were her views shared by everyone, half the world would be dead, and the other half covered in boils.

The world was already like that, wasn't it? Mentally and emotionally, at least. She shook these thoughts from her mind. As interesting as people could be, she came here to learn more about DADA, not to think about human nature. She leaned forward onto her desk, still waiting for something to happen.

(sorry it took so long to get to this ><)
phelan_llewelyn at 2005-11-11 02:50 (UTC) (Link)

Getting Down to Business

Llewelyn waited half an hour from the time Parsley walked into the room, then rose to call the meeting to attention. It wasn't a bad turnout for a small club. Parsley, Caleb, Charles, Annabelle, Desiderio and Vale from seventh year, twin sisters Alice and Jody from sixth year, and one fifth year boy named Jared.

"Good evening, and welcome to the introductory meeting of the Defence Against the Dark Arts club," he said smoothly, seating himself on the edge of his desk. "Be warned before you commit yourself that this will be an advanced course in and of itself that you may or may not recieve extra credit for depending on your performance. You will be doing University level magic, and some situations you find yourself in will not be as controlled and safe as your normal classes.

"One of the main focuses of this year will be silent magic."

He waved his wand without a word, and the occupied chairs jerked of their own accord into a semi-circle around him, probably closer than any of the students really wanted to be to him. Jared visibly shrank away.

"Silent magic is more dangerous to work with because it's hard to discern which spell is being cast and properly defend against it. As such it is no longer a part of your official curriculum. Because it isn't an officially approved skill for your level, and because of the number of non-magical parents these days, any of you under the muggle legal age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a consent form."

He lifted a stack of light blue parchments from his desk, each carrying the Llewelyn family crest at the top rather than the Hogwarts seal to make it clear that this was not a required course. He handed them to Parsley to pass around.

"Each of you will end up hurt at least once at some point. Though most injuries will be minor I can't promise that of all of them. I can only promise you that I am trained to avoid the worst of situations, and to give emergency treatment shoudl they arrise. All meetings will be on school grounds with quick access to the hospital wing. You will have to simply trust me and believe that I will do my best to steer you in the proper direction without harm. Anybody who feels that they cannot do such a thing may leave now, before I continue."

colliander at 2005-11-12 15:55 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Getting Down to Business

Parsley didn't feel completely comfortable (by a long shot) after the chairs started moving, and while listening Professor. He seemed alert in gloomy way, and did keep his attention on Professor, and his surroundings. He had focused expression on his face, instead of the dream-like distance that usually occupied his features. He didn't avoid eye-contact with the instructor while he received the parchments, nor with other students, as he passed on the scrolls.

It wasn't the danger that exited Colliander, it was the knowledge and skill; opportunity to learn something he might not have an opportunity to learn otherwise, from an area of interest that fascinated him.

He read the parchment trough and put it in his bag. Parsley didn't have anything to say after Llewelyn paused.
anna_denault at 2005-11-15 02:22 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Getting Down to Business

Anna jumped in surprise as Llewelyn unexpectedly moved the chairs toward him. However, after realizing that he said they would be studying silent magic, she leaned foward a little in interest. She could often be as egotistical as she was mean, and this club would probably bring out the worst in her personality; not that she cared. As long as she got to do what she wanted, she couldn't have cared less.

"...parents these days, any of you under the muggle legal age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a consent form."

Anna took the paper that Colliander handed her, tuning in again to what Llewelyn was saying. She supposed that she should have realized that she'd have to let her temporary foster parents know about this--not that they would know what in the world she was asking them to sign. Yeah, they knew she was a witch, but as far as they were concerned, this just meant that she could make tea and breed cats. However, this did make it easier to get things signed, since she knew they wouldn't read it. She slipped the parchment into her bag, not even thinking twice about the danger accompanying this course that Llewelyn was talking about.
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